Let's FIND YOUR VOICE Together!

My Story


The Seed


Listening to my father read to my sister and I was the highlight of my day. As I grew up my imagination took me to all different places and I began to tell the stories that I imagined. Unfortunately, I talked far too much for my mother who had 5 children 4 of which were quiet.  After being sent to my room for not keeping quiet I became a voracious reader and then writing became my outlet.  I realized that I was frustrated not having an audience for what I wanted to say or have the ability to voice my own opinion.


The Growth


I was in sales for over 20 years. I wouldn’t sell if I didn’t believe I was benefitting the buyer.  I realized my personal product was writing and whenever I needed to figure something out writing it down became the way that I worked it out. I have a love for others, I am an encourager by nature and I have a gift for writing! Why not put it all together and offer my services?


The Epiphany


I started researching my ideas and then I wrote a Small Business Plan. Find your voice, LLC – the name struck me as the perfect name to give my business. Having little to no ability to say what I wanted to was a large part of my childhood. God gifted me with writing. 

Find Your Voice – what if the reason that became the name of my new business was because it was God’s voice I needed to find, the voice we all need to hear and to obey. It is the voice you need to hear when God is vying for your attention and the voice you so desperately want to express as your way of saying and telling what lays heavy on your heart.